PVC Corner Guards

What are PVC Corner Guards ?


PVC Corner guards, Wall Protection in any Hospital or Kitchen Project with Sturdiness ,Fire rated and Antibacterial are very important Project Elements.


Avoid the Damage Process Beginning with Corner Guards


Since PVC is a material known for its high resistance to shocks, fire, and wear & tear, corner guards made from it, serve as a great product to avoid bumping and scratches into your walls. The initially seen slight streaks on your walls’ corners may soon become bigger scratches and dents over time. PVC corner guards prevent this wear & tear right from the beginning, since they don’t break or fade, ensuring continual protection even in case of frequent usage. Being scratch-proof, they also provide finished appearance to any space and environment.


Warrior’s line of plastic corner guards in U.A.E, leads the market in terms of its depth of applications, matchless durability, compliance to safety standards, high versatility to be fitted to any space, and elegant designs to complement existing ambiance.

We have specialized product line for every kind of applications including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clinics, resorts, back office, kitchens, parking areas, building open areas, training institutes, shopping malls, shopping centers, super markets, offices, parking lot etc.

We offer a range of flush-mounted and surface-mounted PVC corner guards, most of which are available in multiple colors, sizes and angles, with customization feature to ensure perfect integration with your wall protection requirements. Our specialized designers reconcile virtually any set of requirements for style and function, delivering you the most optimal options. Also Available in Acrylic and Vinyl, Warrior corner guards suit your every requirement.


Warrior also has a range of PVC Vinyl or ABS as they are called Wall Guards and Handrail